Tailings Ownership Models

We partner with you to deliver effective integrated tailings management services.

When Expertise and Flexibility Converge

When expertise and flexibility come together in integrated tailings management services, there is a measured tailored approach to meet the needs of each of our partners.

Ours is not just a service offering, it is an experience guided by the versatile, highly experienced specialist individuals that make up the Paragon Tailings team. With our adaptable approach, our clients can choose the most suitable model for their businesses:


Providing an Operational Advisory Service


Taking Full Ownership of the Operation


Paragon has a commissioning team to assist with the startup, training will be given to the mines operational team until proven to be competent in delivering the required tonnage to the plant, and to ensure the operational team has a good understanding on the safety standards of the operations. Once we have achieved this, we place a full time experienced individual on site on an operational advisory basis.


Paragon Tailings allocates a commissioning team for start-up, place an experienced full time expat on site, and employ our own local personnel whereby we train the team to be competent to meet the operational standards and targets in a safe manner by taking full ownership of the tailings operation in this particular tailings ownershp modal.

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