Tailings Deposition Management

We partner with you to deliver effective integrated tailings management services.

Tailings Storage Facility

Paragon Tailings specializes in risk management of tailings storage facilities in an ever changing environment. Our in-house Experienced Specialised Tailings Deposition Team has a proven local and international track record.

Paragon Tailings are able to implement best-practice TSF management and operational practices with the required management, operations and technical skills deployed to ensure sustainable effective operations. Through developing and applying best practices ensures that the risk profile of the TSF is reduced as far as practically possible and maintained at the reduced levels.

We can draw from a broader knowledge pool from which to deploy and develop competent supervisory personnel, by implementing improved skills development process for all levels of staff and enable better skills transfer due to an inherent understanding of tailings deposition methodologies and key performance management areas.

Specific key performance areas that are closely managed are:

a. Continuous compliance with statutory freeboard requirements
b. Maximizing process water return
c. Managed deposition cycles to ensure optimal consolidation and through this deliver on the TSF volumetric design and stability

We provide improved problem identification and have the ability to advise on practical solutions and then implement any required remedial actions. As your preferred contractor we have proven technical management processes focused on measuring, assessing and reporting on key technical performance areas. We are able to provide a cost effective solution as we work within a fixed scope of work and against predictable monthly costs.

As the specialized contractor we are able to transfer of learnings from other broader deposition operations to any specific operation we are entrusted with, plus to offer timorously advice on infrastructure shortcomings and/or improvements aim at reducing the total operational cost of deposition and ensure the deposition availability is secured.

Paragon Tailings has the necessary skills to commission a new facility, providing increased short term supervision and oversight to ensure that all underdrains and decant systems are not damaged during the initial operations.

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